Mar 17, 2021

CEO Credits Training for Helping AIMCo Improve

AIMCo CEO Kevin Uebelein and his executive team frequently draw upon critical training they received in 2020, as part of the organization's efforts to advance diversity, equity and inclusion.

“We pause and ask ourselves, has a recency bias or a similarity bias, or some of the biases that we were trained in, is that seeping into our decision-making?” said Uebelein.

“It’s these unconscious biases, regardless of what your starting point in terms of diversity is, that leads to a lack of inclusion.”

Uebelein reflected on AIMCo's diversity and inclusion efforts during a panel discussion at a sustainability conference put on by last week.

The panel explored how asset owners are tackling diversity and inclusion, through their own organizational processes and practices, through manager due diligence and by aligning their investments with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.