Procurement Principles


We ensure that all eligible proponents that meet the specific requirements and characteristics for a procurement can submit a proposal. Eligibility can vary by trade agreement, so AIMCo considers all activity through the lens of each applicable trade agreement.


We do not extend a preference to a local proponent, nor do we create technical obstacles or timing of events to prevent proponents from submitting bids.


We ensure that the design of a procurement is not constructed to avoid the obligations of trade agreements.


We ensure that tender notices are accessible to all eligible proponents by posting them on Alberta Purchasing Connection (APC).

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I find AIMCo opportunities?

Register on Alberta Purchasing Connection to get notification of posted opportunities. 


Do I need to include AIMCo’s contract number on my invoice?

Yes, it is imperative that you include the contract or amendment number on your invoices. This assists AIMCo in processing and paying your invoice efficiently, and ensures it is applied to the correct contract.


How do I know if WCB is required?

If you are going to be working onsite at AIMCo’s Edmonton office location, WCB will be required.


Why do we need to name the resources?

AIMCo requires named resources on contracts in order to onboard, provide access to locations and systems, and to validate invoices.   

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