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Our Responsible Investment Pillars and ESG Focus areas drive our ESG integration activities.

Our Approach

Our approach to ESG integration varies with investment strategy, asset class and across various stages of the investment process. Our guiding principles, however, remain the same — consideration of ESG factors enables better-informed investment decisions and supports long-term stakeholder value.

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Climate Change

Environmental Management & Disclosure

Water Risk

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Worker Safety & Human Rights Across the Supply Chain

Data Privacy

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Shareholder Rights

Pay for Performance

Board Diversity

Responsible Investment Structure

The governance of responsible investment at AIMCo begins with our Board-approved Responsible Investment Policy which applies to all assets under management. Our Responsible Investment Committee then oversees the strategy and approves all guidelines and ESG Focus Areas.

AIMCo’s RI Policy AIMCo’s Exclusion Guidelines Strategic Response to Climate Change

Our Stewardship Activities

AIMCo is committed to acting as a responsible steward of our clients’ investments to promote sustainable, long-term value. Our philosophy of ‘voice over exit’ guides our stewardship activities including proxy voting and company engagements which are conducted with our clients’ best interests in mind.

Voice over exit

AIMCo champions a 'voice over exit' approach by participating in engagement and advocacy efforts. Through these efforts, we promote responsible business practices, better corporate governance and more sustainable financial markets on behalf of our clients.

Proxy Voting

Proxy voting on our publicly held assets is a key responsible investment activity. It allows AIMCo to exercise shareholder voice on behalf of our clients to promote sustainable, long-term value. We strive to demonstrate robust proxy voting processes. In evaluating ballot items, we consider multiple inputs: our custom proxy voting guidelines, proxy research from two service providers and a process of internal consultations with portfolio managers and/or the RI team. We always vote with our clients’ best interest in mind. We do not always agree with investee firms' management, or the recommendations of proxy service providers. We support reasonable shareholder proposals that align with our assessment of the company's ESG risks and opportunities. AIMCo’s proxy voting guidelines are publicly available.

Our proxy voting record is maintained by our service provider, Glass Lewis & Co. We provide a rationale for our voting decision when the vote is contrary to management or if the proposal is non-routine.


Our Commitment to Transparency

We demonstrate transparency and accountability by publicly disclosing our responsible investing activities and guiding documents to foster client confidence. We report to our clients and broader stakeholders on a regular basis and yearly through our AIMCo annual report, our Responsible Investment Report and PRI Transparency Report.

Responsible Investment Reports AIMCo Insights AIMCo’s PRI Transparency Report TCFD Implementation: Practical Insights and Perspectives from Behind the Scenes for Institutional Investors TCFD Report

Awards & Recognition

AIMCo is increasingly recognized as a leader in responsible investment.

Responsible Asset Allocator Award (RAAI)

Clean50 Award for GRESB Infrastructure