Our responsible investing philosophy is guided by our:

Fiduciary Duty

We base our investment decisions on anticipated risk-adjusted performance, but we also consider the positive or negative impact that ESG factors are likely to have on long-term risk and return.

Long-Term Investment Horizon

We focus on the preservation of capital over the long term to enable our clients to meet their financial obligations.

Purpose & Core Values

Our purpose is to help our clients secure a better financial future for the Albertans they serve. Our core values are excellence, transparency, humility, integrity and collaboration.


Consideration of ESG factors enables better-informed investment decisions and supports long-term stakeholder value. The diversified nature of our portfolios calls for a tailored approach to manage relevant ESG risks and opportunities.


We use a responsible investing lens to evaluate potential investments’ governance framework and ESG performance. This informs our voting stance at publicly traded companies and assists portfolio managers in their investment decision-making processes.


We track ESG initiatives, risks and performance at investee companies and may follow up to engage on key ESG topics or to more fully address company ESG policies and practices.


We are committed to acting as a responsible steward of our clients’ investments to promote sustainable, long-term value. Our stewardship activities include proxy voting and engagements. We are guided by our “voice over exit” philosophy — we prefer to exert our influence as a shareholder to drive positive change rather than divest from a company and unnecessarily reduce the investible universe.


We engage with issuers on topics in our ESG focus areas. Engagements are intended to encourage responsible business practices, foster better corporate governance ​and advance more sustainable financial markets.

Proxy Voting

Shareholders of a company are entitled to exercise the voting rights attached to their shares. Proxy voting on our publicly held assets is a key responsible investment activity, allowing AIMCo to exercise shareholder voice on behalf of our clients to promote sustainable, long-term value.

Climate Approach Thumb

Climate Approach

AIMCo’s Climate Approach is investment-driven and focused on meeting our clients’ objectives. It is centred on the areas we can have the most impact as a global, long-term investor.