Mar 22, 2016

AIMCo Announces Strong Returns for Clients in 2015

10.1% Return for Balanced Fund Clients Driven by Solid Performance From All Segments $1.5 Billion Value-Add Represents AIMCo’s Best Ever Performance for Clients

NOTE: All Figures Net of Expenses

Edmonton, Alberta (March 22, 2016) – Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo) is pleased to report a 10.1% rate of return on behalf of its balanced fund clients, for the year ending December 31, 2015. AIMCo’s balanced fund clients, which account for $75.9 billion of its assets under management, are most representative of AIMCo’s overall performance, as they utilize the full range of the organization’s asset and style capabilities.

AIMCo earned over $1.5 billion of active value-add return above benchmark, its strongest performance since inception, and overall investment income of $7.5 billion on total assets under management of $90.2 billion. Including the impact on returns of the $14.3 billion of government and specialty fund clients, a rate of return of 9.1% was earned on its total assets under management. Government and specialty fund clients largely rely on AIMCo for its expertise in managing short- and intermediate- duration fixed income assets and for liquidity management.

AIMCo’s strong results in 2015 were the outcome of contributions from across the organization. Investment teams in Public Equities, Infrastructure, Private Equity and Real Estate all significantly outperformed their market benchmarks, while Money Market & Fixed Income, Mortgages and Private Debt & Loan performed equally well, providing stable value-add through difficult market conditions.

“I am very pleased with the terrific year of performance, especially against a backdrop of change and extreme volatility across the markets. AIMCo’s investment teams remained disciplined and focused on the long term, taking well-measured active risk positions, in-line with our investment strategies and our clients’ established needs. That steady hand approach, and the support of the entire organization, allowed us to identify, and act upon, value-generating opportunities across all major asset classes,” states Kevin Uebelein, Chief Executive Officer. “This result is further evidence that the “Canadian Model” of public asset management is one that very well serves the needs of the public. During these times of intense challenge for Alberta, it is especially gratifying to be able to deliver more than $1.5 billion of over-performance against our benchmark returns, which represents a best-ever performance figure for AIMCo.”

Alberta Investment Management Corporation continues to deliver on the mandate envisaged at the time of its creation. AIMCo has generated a four year annualized net return of 11.8%, on behalf of its balanced fund clients. Since 2009, it has earned more than $4.0 billion in value added return above benchmark on total assets under management representing all 26 of AIMCo’s pension, endowment, government, and specialty fund clients.

Detailed performance information will be available in AIMCo’s Annual Report to be released in June 2016.