Jun 27, 2013

Aim True

True to the principles that govern our investment decisions and to the values that define us as an organization.

True to our clients, all Albertans and to our talented employees who deliver on our promises.

True to the AIMCo vision to be among the best institutional investment managers and to inspire the confidence of Albertans.

For five years we have operated at arms-length from government, as a crown corporation. In that time, AIMCo has demonstrated that it is an Albertan success story—a global investment manager with a proven track record on the world stage. Our economies of scale, governance model, and strong performance managing a wide range of asset classes are our strength. With our sights set on the future, we are modernizing our systems and refining our business processes, all with the aim of improving performance for our clients.

We are a long-term investor with patient capital and work positively alongside the firms in which we invest. With our history rooted firmly in Alberta, AIMCo turns confidently towards tomorrow and the promise it provides for our clients.