Jun 25, 2014

In 2008, the Government of Alberta created AIMCo to be an institutional investment manager with the scale and efficiency to compete on a global stage and deliver a strong risk-adjusted rate of return for its clients. Over the past six years, we have delivered on that mandate with low costs, high returns and strong value added.

AIMCo’s clients have the opportunity to make a meaningful difference to the lives of Albertans. The pension money we manage builds retirement income for hundreds of thousands of workers.

Our endowment funds are targeting maximum long-term return on Alberta’s resource wealth.

Markets will never predictably deliver the returns our clients ideally would like to earn. By exploiting the investment efficiency of a large-scale institutional investor, and building the internal skills to recognize long-term value, AIMCo offers the platform to earn more than markets alone can deliver.

AIMCo…Access to Opportunity.