Jun 30, 2021

Future in Focus

Even in the most challenging times, long-term investors remain focused on the future. As the world enters a period of post-pandemic economic recovery, AIMCo’s role as Alberta’s investment manager has never been more important.

Over the last decade, AIMCo has earned $64.1 billion in net investment returns on behalf of its pension, endowment and government funds clients.

Among other things, the 2020 Annual Report features:

  • Calendar-year and long-term investment performance

  • CEO Award winners

  • Pandemic Pivots — unique initiatives at AIMCo and companies in which we invest in response to COVID-19

  • Additional detail on the experience of our Board of Directors

Please note, we report our performance based on the 2020 calendar year, while our financials use the fiscal year ending March 31, 2021 in line with our shareholder, the Government of Alberta.

We are proud of the work we do for Albertans. Our focus is on your future.