Jun 13, 2017

AIMCo Announces Incoming Appointments to Board of Directors and Designation of Mr. Richard Bird as Chair

New appointments and Chair designation to fill the vacancies left by the departure of founding board members Mac Van Wielingen and Andrea Rosen later this year

Edmonton, Alberta (June 13, 2017) – Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo) is pleased to announce the appointments of Ms. Sarah Raiss and Ms. Sharon Sallows to its Board of Directors,effective October 21, 2017. Also confirmed are the re-appointments of Mr. Richard Bird, Mr. Ross Grieve,Mr. Robert “Jay” Vivian, and Mr. Tom Woods, each for an additional term of three years, effective July 1,2017. The announcement follows the signing of the Order in Council by the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta on June 13, 2017.

AIMCo would also like to congratulate Mr. Richard Bird on the announcement of his designation as Chair of the Board of Directors, effective October 21, 2017. Mr. Bird was appointed to the AIMCo Board of Directors in March 2014, and has since actively contributed to the effective governance of the organization, serving most recently as Chair of the Audit Committee. He will succeed Mac Van Wielingen who has served as Board Chair since December 2014, and who will have served his maximum allowable term on the board at the time of his resignation.

“On behalf of my fellow directors, I welcome the appointments of Ms. Raiss and Ms. Sallows, each of whom bring exceptional qualifications and experience to AIMCo's Board of Directors,” states AIMCo Chair, Mac Van Wielingen. “I also commend the Province’s decision to designate Mr. Richard Bird as AIMCo’s next Board Chair. AIMCo’s success is as much a product of strong governance, as it is prudent investment decision-making. The experience and commitment that Richard offers will ensure the leadership and oversight necessary to support our commitment to excellence and to becoming world class for the benefit of all Alberta stakeholders.”