Mar 19, 2021

Interview Highlights Investment Manager's Commitment to Clients and Strong Governance

Financial Post journalist Barbara Shecter conducted a wide-ranging interview with AIMCo's Board Chair Mark Wiseman earlier this month. Their conversation touched on a number of critical topics, with Wiseman emphasizing that Albertans deserve a world-class public asset manager and that they stand to benefit from AIMCo's size and scale.

On rebuilding trust with clients:

“Our job is to regain the confidence of the clients in that relationship and I think it’s something we have to invest very heavily in.”

On independence from government:

“I can tell you unequivocally, in my eight months as chair, there has been zero interference, attempt of interference at my level, or as far as I know at the level of management at AIMCo."

On the energy transition:

“Some of the best technology, some of the best innovation, some of the best thinking in the world, obviously as they relate to energy in particular, are coming out of Alberta.”