Sep 15, 2020

Report and Toolkit to Support Investors' Efforts to Decarbonize Portfolios

The Investor Leadership Network (ILN) today released its latest report, Climate Change Mitigation and your portfolio: Practical Tools for Investors. The report provides detailed guidance for investors on strengthening climate-related disclosures, focused on decarbonization scenarios in line with the Paris Agreement.

The report has been developed as part of the ILN’s climate change initiative, which focuses on developing tools and resources to help investors understand climate change risks and opportunities across diversified portfolios. It provides information to support investors in evaluating the maturity of companies’ decarbonization scenario analysis and how it aligns with the Paris Agreement and a pathway to limiting the increase in average global temperature to 1.5°C.

AIMCo is proud of its contribution to the creation of this report, alongside our peers in the ILN. Together, we hope to increase the maturity and standardization of the climate data and disclosure landscape, drive more effective climate-related engagement between companies and investors and ultimately improve climate resiliency.