Nov 20, 2020

AIMCo welcomes Chief Investment Strategy Officer, Chief Risk Officer and Chief Financial Officer

In recent months, AIMCo has grown its executive leadership team and attracted top talent to the organization, all in an effort to continue to serve the best interests of its clients.

Chief Investment Strategy Officer

Amit Prakash joined AIMCo as Chief Investment Strategy Officer (CISO) effective October 1, 2020. He brings extensive experience in portfolio management, strategy and trading to the role.

The CISO is a new role to AIMCo. The CISO and Chief Investment Officer (CIO), both reporting to the Chief Executive Officer, will be equal partners in ensuring that AIMCo’s investment capabilities and performance continue to develop and succeed. The CISO will specifically focus on ensuring that AIMCo’s investment offerings and platform are in alignment with the evolving needs of clients and the changing macro environment.

Chief Risk Officer

Andrew Tambone stepped into the role of Chief Risk Officer effective November 5, 2020. A 30-year veteran of the investment industry, Andrew will draw on his experience as a chief investment officer in the critical work of continuing to advance AIMCo's risk strategy.

Chief Financial Officer

Paul Langill joined AIMCo as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) effective November 18, 2020. Paul is an experienced leader with a background in finance, treasury, risk management and operations.