Oct 1, 2019

Welcoming a new student cohort

Since its earliest days, AIMCo has been a destination employer for students looking to establish careers in investment management – across a range of disciplines from investments to operations to corporate functions. Over the years, AIMCo has strived to continually provide a better offering for its students. Each cohorts is given the opportunity to interact with a wide range of groups beyond the team with which they are working, gain access to targeted learning opportunities and enjoy a range of social activities to ensure the right balance of work and life.

AIMCo’s Summer Student Program has evolved into a fulsome program that aims to not only grow the knowledge of student interns, but to also encourage them to consider staying on with AIMCo longer term. Specific opportunities include a welcome from executives, weekly presentations from business units, coffee sessions with the CEO and other members of the team, lunch and learn meetings, and job shadowing opportunities.

This year, AIMCo welcomed 33 undergrad and grad summer students to its Edmonton and Toronto offices. Their backgrounds range from Finance, Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics, Law, Accounting, and more. Students came from the University of Alberta, MacEwan University, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, University of Toronto and Western University. All students were given real and impactful responsibilities that help contribute to the successful operation of the organization. The students were exposed to AIMCo’s corporate culture and helped enhance it by volunteering for the Social Committee, the Diversity Council, and organizing the Summer Barbeque. 

The effort appears to be paying off. In 2018, 64% of 30 summer students were offered contract extensions to work part-time during the school year. To date, 15% of these students have been offered permanent or full-time fixed terms and another 15% have returned for a second summer term. 


“The summer student program has allowed me to develop both personally and professionally, by granting me the opportunity to undertake the same responsibilities of a full-time employee. The tasks I have been assigned have increased my technical capabilities while also boosting my confidence in my own ability to work independently and efficiently.”

—Josh Coogan, Summer 2019


“As a Summer Student, I quickly became integrated with my team. I am constantly encouraged to think critically and seek ways to improve our processes, and I feel like I am making an impact.”

— Diandra Markandu, Summer 2019