Nov 3, 2021

ILN Releases Toolkit to Support Asset Managers

This month, the Investor Leadership Network (ILN) released its report for asset managers titled, “Climate Change Physical Risk Toolkit.” The toolkit is designed to provide practical guidance to better understand the potential physical impacts of climate change on investments and the corresponding financial implications. The toolkit for institutional investors like AIMCo includes:

  • The Scientific and Macroeconomic Context for understanding physical climate change risks.

  • A step-by-step Scoping Methodology to identify potentially material physical climate risks and opportunities at the individual investment level, supported by an illustrative case study.

  • A Disclosure Guide with criteria for assessing physical risk disclosures and metrics, supported by examples of better corporate practices.

  • A Resource Guide of credible third-party sources to assist investment professionals in researching and analyzing physical climate risks and opportunities in specific detail.

AIMCo is proud of its contribution to the creation of this toolkit, alongside our peers in the ILN. Together, we hope to increase the maturity and standardization of the climate data and disclosure landscape, drive more effective climate-related engagement between companies and investors and ultimately improve climate resiliency.