Dec 9, 2020

Our Contribution to a More Sustainable World

As Alberta’s investment manager, AIMCo is focused on delivering the best possible returns. Our long-term investment strategies have earned $66.2 billion dollars over the last decade for our pension, endowment and government fund clients.

While that dollar figure is significant, how we earn that money matters now, more than ever. How companies identify and address key environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues such as diversity & inclusion, human capital and climate change can significantly contribute to value creation or erosion.

Albertans are entitled to transparency and the assurance that AIMCo is committed to serving as a responsible steward of their investments and doing our part to create the conditions for a more sustainable global economy.

In our 2020 reporting, you’ll see how we integrate responsible investing principles into our global investment strategies and learn more about the work we do to promote long-term, sustainable value.