Our approach is to consistently use a disciplined value-oriented investment process where risks and return assessments are based on fundamentals supported by a robust diligence program. We also believe value creation potential is directly tied to:

  • Strong long-term relationships with aligned partners

  • Appropriate governance rights

  • Top management teams managing the day to day operations of each asset

Our infrastructure investments are made in real assets that typically provide essential services that, over the long-term, generate stable, inflation-linked cash flows. Infrastructure investments include utilities, energy/power (generation, transmission and distribution networks, pipelines) and transportation (toll roads, airports, seaports). The team primarily makes direct investments but will also consider externally managed funds.

AIMCo’s Renewable Resources portfolio includes timberland and agricultural investments that provide inflation hedging and a long-term duration match with client obligations. The team acquires and manages equity interests in timberland, timber leases, timber harvesting rights and related assets. The portfolio has a global mandate and the team actively invests both in externally managed funds and directly in assets.

Our Infrastructure & Renewable Resources Leadership