Nov 7, 2018

Edmonton, Alberta (November 7, 2018) – Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo) announced today plans to relocate its Edmonton-based headquarters to HSBC Place, recently acquired by AIMCo on behalf of its clients.

Since its creation in 2008, AIMCo has conscientiously grown in size, attracting the talent and resources necessary to meet the demands of its clients for an increasingly sophisticated investment platform and inhouse management approach best suited to maximize risk-adjusted net returns. AIMCo expects to complete the move to HSBC Place by the end of 2019, marking the first time the entire team is together in one building since 2013.

In determining whether to move offices, management undertook a thorough cost-benefit analysis of all available options including maintaining the status quo, taking more contiguous space at our current location, and looking at potential sites including those that our clients own, and those they do not. Based on that assessment, it was determined that taking space at HSBC Place was the most appropriate course of action, consistent with AIMCo’s commitment to its clients to maintain fiscal discipline, while providing the organization with a workplace necessary to enable the attraction and retention of talent.

“AIMCo’s decision to relocate its Edmonton-based headquarters to HSBC Place contributes to the success of this development project, one that, immediately upon completion, begins to generate revenue for AIMCo’s clients,” said Kevin Uebelein, CEO. “The move ensures the organization has the flexibility to accommodate its growing workforce in a building that is modern and attractive to new talent.”