Oct 20, 2021

Generating Strong Returns in Uncertainty

With the global pandemic, inflationary pressures, supply chain shortages and rapid technological and societal change, investment managers are facing increasing uncertainty as they try to ensure sustainability of portfolios and generate strong returns for their clients.

On day two of AIMCo’s Autumn Investment Symposium, James Barber, Executive Vice President, Public Equities kicked off an in-depth discussion about investing in public equities in the current global landscape. The presenters included:

  • Andrew Strudwick, Director Systematic Equity Strategies, AIMCo

  • Rui Zhao, PhD, CFA, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager, Systematic Active Equity Team, BlackRock

  • Justin Lord, Director, Event Driven Strategy, Public Equities, AIMCo

  • Richard Quigley, Managing Director, Head of AIMS Advisory Solutions, Goldman Sachs

During the virtual session, the audience learned of various ways to navigate the current uncertainty. Barber suggested investment managers, including AIMCo, will need to focus on four domains to unearth the complexity in public equities investing. These include knowing and understanding the economic, environmental, technological and geopolitical/societal realms. But how can investment managers navigate these four domains? Barber explained the need to invest in people, process, partnerships and products to be relevant and remain successful.

Watch the session below to find out how AIMCo, BlackRock and Goldman Sachs are using strategies like systematic investing, artificial intelligence/machine learning and absolute return investing to navigate the uncertainty present in the global economy.