2021 Metrics

Potential deal value of investment opportunities put through ESG due diligence

Ballot items voted on at shareholder meetings

Company engagements conducted to promote best ESG practices

Investment value of no/low-carbon assets in Infrastructure & Renewable Resources portfolio

Canadian office assets with green building certifications

Asset classes included in carbon footprint calculation

AIMCo Real Estate maintained its four-star rating in the 2021 GRESB survey, a global ESG benchmark. All participating infrastructure assets improved their year-over-year scores and one emerged as a sector leader. 

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“Taking guidance from our clients, we approach investing on their behalf with a long-term view. That view takes into account the environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors that are re-valuing financial assets.”

Evan Siddall, CEO

Assessing Climate Change Impacts

In 2021, we advanced our carbon footprint analysis to include a portion of all five asset classes offering transparency to clients and stakeholders by following the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) framework. The analysis showed a year-over-year reduction in carbon footprint, likely a result of many factors including COVID-19 impacts, changing valuations of our assets, changes in our sector exposures, revenue fluctuations and actual changes in company carbon emissions.

Advancing Diversity

AIMCo made significant strides internally in 2021, developing a comprehensive Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) strategy. The strategy is supported by an action plan and a formal DEI Statement of Commitment. This work formalizes AIMCo’s efforts to build, support and pursue DEI initiatives both within and outside the organization.

Engagement Highlight – Environment

During our engagement with Cascades, we learned that the Canadian manufacturer of industrial and consumer packaging is committed to ESG transparency, offering disclosure on energy, emissions, water, human capital and health & safety. Cascades’ Sustainability Action Plan includes a greenhouse gas emissions reduction plan. The company has been a pioneer in incorporating recycled materials into its production, with over 80% of their raw materials in North America and Europe coming from recycled fibres.

Investment Highlight – Renewable Resources

Securing the world’s food supply for future generations requires critical assessment of current agricultural practices and structure, including the infrastructure and technology in food distribution systems. AIMCo is invested in Equilibrium’s Controlled Environment Foods Fund which aims to build a diversified portfolio of advanced technology indoor and greenhouse growing facilities. Equilibrium’s innovative food production methods are playing a role in addressing the sustainability challenges the agriculture sector is facing.