2022 Metrics

Potential deal value of investment opportunities put through ESG due diligence

Ballot items voted on at shareholder meetings

Company engagements conducted to promote best ESG practices

Green investments, across asset classes

Reduction in portfolio’s financed emissions intensity, year-over-year

Issued in AIMCo Realty’s inaugural green bond offering

AIMCo Real Estate maintained its 4-star rating in the 2022 GRESB survey, a global ESG benchmark for real assets. Our clients’ direct Infrastructure assets achieved their highest GRESB sustainability score of 89/100, outperforming the average of 78/100.

Ben Hawkins - small

“Responsible investing provides important insights on environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors for our investment teams. As a long-term investor, we work to identify material ESG risks and opportunities that create value for our clients.”

Ben Hawkins, Executive Managing Director, Head of Infrastructure, Renewables & Sustainable Investing

Advancing Climate Analysis

AIMCo is one of 64 Edmonton-based organizations committed to acting on climate change. In April 2021, AIMCo joined the City of Edmonton-led Corporate Climate Leaders Program (CCLP), which committed us to measuring, managing and reducing the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from our corporate operations. We partnered with Green Economy Canada to take the first step in this process — developing our corporate GHG inventory capturing three years of building-related and corporate travel emissions performance. The results are shared for the first time in our 2022 TCFD Report.

Engaging on Diversity

During our engagement with Marathon Petroleum Corporation, an American downstream energy company, we learned more about their organization-wide diversity and inclusion efforts such as employee network chapters, external recruitment targets, post-secondary partnerships and ESG performance metrics tied to compensation. We discussed investor expectations with the company around board gender diversity, sharing best practices, opportunities such as the adoption of a formal board diversity policy and targets, and a curated list of resources to support the next stage of their diversity and inclusion journey, which includes the search for a new board member due to an unexpected vacancy.

Investment Highlight - Green Hydrogen Platform

Green hydrogen is expected to play a vital role in meeting many industries and stakeholders' current and future decarbonization goals. In June 2022, AIMCo, alongside other investment partners, made an initial $650 million equity commitment in Haddington ESGP to provide construction equity for projects developed by the Advanced Clean Energy Storage Joint Venture (ACES Delta), which will be the largest green hydrogen platform in the world upon completion.